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Glass Screen Printing and Digital Printing Trends

1. the most popular applications:
Personalized color printing of mobile phone shell, mobile phone lens, mobile phone cover, notebook shell, U disk shell and MP3 color shell. Many mobile phone shell manufacturers choose our machines to print rich and varied color maps. They can also be customized to customers, DIY and so on.
2. the most fashionable applications:
Fashion home decoration. Ceramic tile, leather art door, cabinet, acrylic digital, bathroom door, partition screen, ceiling ceiling, art tile, etc. Personalized home decoration market quietly rising, is still growing. Ceramic tiles, partition, color printing ceilings, art tiles and so on have become fashionable and elegant home decorations. It has become a strong trend of home decoration in the new era.
3. the most extensive applications:
Advertising industry. Home and abroad advertising production, UV tablet, signs, advertising, display boards, signs, acrylic light boxes, PVC light boxes, high-end business cards. Large to large plaque signboard, large advertising display, outdoor painting, small business card, advertising gifts, medals, medals, cards, chest cards, and so on, the application is very extensive, and this is the flat art glass printer, flat glass printer, flat painting machine is the most widely used.
4. the most classic applications:
Leather printing. Advanced color printing technology for leather surface, for leather belts, leather bags, leather bags, make-up bags, handbags, key bags, bags and other leather accessories, high quality printing, bright color, realistic, high washing fastness, anti ultraviolet, non-toxic environmental protection.
5. the most personal application:
T - shirt printing. Nowadays, fashion T-shirts are printed with personality patterns, portrait T-shirts and so on. It can print individual T-shirts, uniforms, uniforms, sweaters, advertising shirts, cultural shirts and so on. The effect of cloth printing is exquisite, colorful and breathable, and personalized color printing is beautiful and full of personality.
6. the most artistic application:
Art glass printing, photo studio art photo, Xuan paper painting, art painting printing, shell, crystal, wood art, bamboo arts and crafts printing. The high profits of the art products attract a lot of manufacturers, and the glass digital direct jet printing machine, the flat glass printer, the flat glass printer, the flat painting machine can help you, add color to your product, make the finishing point, greatly improve the competitive power and increase the added value of the product.
7. the most upscale applications:
High grade packaging. Wine box packaging, health care products box, antique wooden box packaging, high-end cosmetics packaging, high-end gift boxes, metal UV flat, etc. These high-end products often mean high profits, and high profits usually also need high-grade packaging to foil, in order to highlight the noble quality of products.
The advantages of glass digital direct jet printing machine:
1. The printing process of the glass digital direct injection printing machine is simple
The machine does not need to plate, print and repeat color. It does not need all kinds of tools and materials needed for screen printing and heat transfer printing. Using our glass digital direct jet printing machine, we only need to prepare another ordinary computer. A operator can be completely independent of the printing operation, save manpower and material resources, and the way is simple and equal, the experience of the operator is low, as long as the simple picture processing software is available.
2, the glass digital direct jet printing machine has accurate printing position, avoiding the problem of position offset encountered in manual printing.
The glass digital direct injection printing machine no longer follows the traditional printing mode and method, no longer the simple manual operation and handicraft printing in the past. It is connected with the computer with high technical content, and combined with the automatic control technology, it can precisely aim at the area and position of the required printing and avoid the position of manual printing. The problem of migration. Because it is multi-color printing at once, there will be no color matching problem. These advantages can also be effectively combined with sculptures, etchings, and so on, to print beautiful images in the engraved area, or to make accurate etchings after printing. It can be seen that the product has made new breakthroughs in carving, etching and other industries, and can play a better role.
3, glass digital direct jet printing machine is very suitable for image printing requiring color transition.
The traditional printing method, such as silk screen, can hardly make all the colors transition according to the picture, so the effect of silk printing will be distinct in color boundaries. In the middle of the two colors, it is difficult to reflect the color transition according to the picture itself. In particular, many products need to print high precision and high complexity patterns such as trademarks, logo and so on. The application of gifts and crafts industry is more extensive. UV flat plate painting function perfectly meets the demand, fully embodies the powerful market potential, breaks through the bottleneck caused by screen printing, heat transfer printing and other printing methods, and has found a new profit growth point for the customers.
4, glass digital direct jet printing machine is suitable for more professional applications in remote industries.
Glass digital direct jet printing machine can change the content of printing at any time, change the effect of printing, can carry out one to one digital print, without the tedious of plate making. The metal nameplate behind many products has the product code, and each group corresponds to each product. For example, the factory employee's number chest and work card can also be printed on the basis of one to one number, and can also be added to the picture of the head. The PVC inkjet printer is simple and inexpensive.
5. Glass digital direct jet printing machine is suitable for multi material printing.
In the current printing and printing industry, there is a relatively professional distinction between industries. For example, the leather industry, the tradition

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