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What are the sizes of goblets?

A goblet, such a slender foot, is called a goblet. But it is not only for beauty, but to drink red wine very much a character, the real taste of its original flavor requires a certain temperature, and the aim of this high foot is to leave the temperature of the palms of the taster with the bottom of the wine cup, so as to avoid the temperature of the wine.
One, the right way to take a high foot cup
The first correct cup holder is to hold the goblet cup with the thumb, forefinger and middle finger. The reason is that it is easy to clear the transparent color through the cup wall appreciating wine. If you hold the cup wall, the finger will block the sight of the view; and if you hold the cup, whether it is 45 degrees to observe the wine, or 45 degrees inward to inquire about the wine, all can control yourself and do whatever you want.
Another way to hold a cup is to hold the base of the cup with your hands. That is to say, the thumb and index finger are clamped in the cup holder, the thumb is pressed on the top, the index finger pad is underneath, and the other fingers are held under the index finger in the form of fists. It is a very professional and elegant way of holding a cup, which is more suitable for drinking, such as the aperitif champagne or white wine before the meal. At the banquet, if you need to take a cup to walk around and talk with others, with this method, you will be able to stand out from the crowd.
Two. The size of the Goblet
The shortest 50MM, the normal 100MM is specially used to make drinks and ice cream 100MM, also can see 150MM, but not much, usually using 100 millimeters.
Three, the classification of the high foot cup

A slender flute cup
sherry glass
It's a Champagne Cup
The cup, like a dish type, is also a drink of champagne
A hemispherical goblet is a red wine cup
A tall tulip shaped goblet is a white wine glass.
The tulip shaped goblet just blooming is Potter's glass.
The funnel-shaped goblet is a brandy cup
A cup of short feet is a cup of water
A small white wine cup like our country is called a liquor glass.
Like tube samples, called test tube cups for cocktails.
The trigonometric goblets are also used for cocktails.

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