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Things to watch for when drinking wine

It is a common knowledge that wine should be served in a goblet. Holding a cup, it seems, is an extremely simple question, how to hold a cup in a long speech to teach people how to hold it. However, after being used to too many beer drinkers holding a goblet as a beer, I would like to ask: the correct way to hold a cup, do you really? I think the popularity of wine in our country has only been in recent more than 10 years, many friends are from the drinking of liquor, beer in the ranks. Although accustomed to drinking wine, but in their own hands will not be careful to drink liquor, beer habits will be applied to wine. So, the expert looks at the door, the amateur looks at the bustle, unconsciously you are regarded as a joke by the insider.
There are two ways to hold a cup properly. It seems that the problem is simple, but there is a lot of knowledge in it. Today, the author introduces two common ways to hold a wine glass correctly and some taboos, so that you can explore the secret of the goblet.
The first correct way to hold a glass is to hold it between the thumb, forefinger and middle finger. The reason for this is that it is easy to appreciate the clear and transparent color of the wine through the glass. If you hold the wall of the cup, your finger will block your view and affect your vision. And holding the column, whether it's tilting 45 degrees outward to see the color of the wine, or tilting 45 degrees inward to explore the aroma, can be controlled freely and at will.
Another way to hold a cup is to hold the base of the cup in your hand. This means holding the base of the cup between the thumb and forefinger, pressing the thumb on the top, the forefinger on the bottom, and the rest of the fingers on the bottom of the index finger as a clench. So take glasses, a pause, looking forward to hear, is a very professional elegant hold the cup method, standing is more suitable for drinking, for example a pre-dinner cocktail champagne or white wine. At a dinner party, if you need to get a cup of coffee and walk around talking to someone, this is a great way to stand out from the crowd.
For those of you who are used to drinking beer, don't hold the glass with your beer. Because wine has strict requirements on temperature, holding the wall of the glass by hand will inevitably transfer the temperature of fingers to the glass and affect the temperature of the wine, which is not conducive to the normal development of the wine. In addition, when you hold the goblet with your hand, the finger mark will be clearly marked on the wall. The beautiful colour and lustre of wine, like a flower in the mist, is abandoned by your negligence. It is a pity that your eyes have lost an opportunity to appreciate the beautiful and beautiful scenery.
Of course, the above is just from the point of view of the professional cup to explore what is the correct way to take the cup. Different personal habits, different ways to hold a cup. Think for yourself which way is best for you.

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