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Our company was established in 1993, located at No.94 Tai Feng West Road in Wen Xi County, Shanxi Province, occupying a land area of 66,700 square meters and floor space of 35,000 square meters, with elegant environment and convenient transportation. We have over 1700 employees, among whom there are about 80 employees with good technical background. We have attained the quality certification of ISO9001:2000, and our products with reliable quality are very welcome in international market. Our company has registered funds of RMB 30,000,000 and a total capital of RMB 70,200,000 and our annual sales value can reach RMB 100,000,000. We are one of the national biggest semi-manufacturing factories and a handmade mouth blowing glassware import and export company. We have more than 3000 categories of products, including glassware of wine, vases, candle holders and other more. Our customers are in IKEA of Sweden, ARC of France, Lenox of the USA, and GlassKoch of Germany. We have very good and sm

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  • As a customer representative, miss Linda became the luckiest person in the annual event of the store. He was lucky to visit the Chinese company as a customer representative. When she saw the standard operating mode of the company, she was very pleased...

  • Every Christmas, our glass products have entered the minds of American consumers. The smiths again this year for the newly developed of choose and buy a product, the smiths a Christmas every year they will be dedicated to HFYGLASS products of choose a...

  • In 2018, the company entered the ikea supermarket. During the Thanksgiving holiday, the company's products were in short supply again. The chairman of the company was very happy to see the British people lining up to buy goods, and decided to step up ...

  • The glass bowls produced by our company have been sold out in the us wal-mart supermarket. AMY's family in the United States praised our product, saying it was the best product from China he had ever used. And the price is very favorable, he will defi...

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[Employees' voices] Talking about how to eliminate bubbles

Bubbles are common defects in glass, which are caused by many reasons, such as insufficient melting capacity, insufficient temperature, undesirable clarification, refractory material, and improper feed...



[Employees' voice] The necessary ability and quality of outs

1, professional ability The daily management of team leaders focuses on front-line management and operation. Group leaders only have the highest authority in managing their subordinates only when th...



[Employees' voice] on the importance of quality

Quality represents integrity, quality is a brand. Enterprises want to build first-class brand, quality first class is one of the indispensable conditions. Quality is not only the cornerstone of an ente...

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