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[Employees' voice] The necessary ability and quality of outs

1, professional ability
The daily management of team leaders focuses on front-line management and operation. Group leaders only have the highest authority in managing their subordinates only when they become top managers and professionals. Therefore, the leader of the class group should be skilled in the team of his own jurisdiction (including personnel, equipment, materials, methods, etc.), that is to say, to support the psychological dynamics of every employee in the class, to fully understand the performance and working principle of glass machinery, to properly understand the performance of the glass material and to solve the problem. And we can scientifically guide subordinates to put forward rationalization proposals to help them make correct judgments in specific work.
2, target management ability
As far as daily administrator work is concerned, the group leader can set the task theme for a specific task, complete the specific task amount of the time limit, so as to improve the consciousness of the subordinates. For example, aiming at a certain defect of the product, setting up the improvement goal, mobilizing every employee's sense of positive participation and sharing the sense of achievement.
3, organizational ability
In order to achieve the goal of the Department, make use of the characteristics of each member of the group, carry out the task decomposition, bring into play the ability of all the staff, work together, play the largest energy of the team, reflect the team spirit, and unite with Jincheng. Make great efforts to tackle the problems.
4. Ability to solve problems
The leader of class group should have the ability to find problems in time and solve the problem. It can be foreseeable to the problems that obstruct the goal of the task, and find out the reasons through investigation and analysis, and take corresponding countermeasures to solve it. In other words, the team leader should have the ability to solve the problem of conventional product settlement.
5, communication and coordination ability
Good groove coordination can reduce friction, harmonize atmosphere, improve morale, and help build good trust relationship. In order to be able to communicate directly. Communicating the necessary information, the team leader should have a high degree of speaking, listening, negotiating and persuading the other side. Only by communicating and communicating with each other can we reach a unified understanding. Communication ability will gradually improve with the accumulation of work experience.

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