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How to distinguish the quality of glass

How do you tell which glass is good by its quality
The glass can be divided into water glass, wine glass and tea cup according to its function. It can be made of high-boron heat-resistant glass, crystal glass and double-layer glass according to different categories. The quality of these cups on the market is directly related to our health, as they have different properties and qualities. What kind of glass is good? How can you tell the quality of a glass from its quality?
Ordinary glass
Ordinary glass materials are mostly made of high temperature silicon fired, high boron heat resistant glass, with excellent heat resistance, corrosion resistance; As a green and environment-friendly glass material, the body of the cup is crystal clear and transparent, the hand feeling condenses and moistens, the modelling is elegant, is the good companion that makes tea and healthy drinking water.
1. The material quality should be pure: the glass material quality is not pure, and there will be lines, bubbles or sand on the glass drinking equipment.
"Grain" refers to the appearance of stripes on the surface of the glass body. Rough lines can be felt by hand, and fine lines can only be seen in the light.
"Bubble" refers to the small cavity formed by wrapping air in the glass body, which can be divided into material bubble and operating bubble according to the forming reason. The blisters are deep in the glass and look like small circles from the outside. Operation bubble is more exposed, some if the fish-eye bulges, a gentle poke will go through the hole; Some, like small scars on fruit, are easy to peel off.
"Sand" refers to the white granular silica sand that is not dissolved in glass, and also refers to other granular impurities. It is more difficult to find sand when it is embedded in a thick bottom or under the cover of pull-thread overshading. Because the composition of sand and glass is different, the expansion coefficient is different, so, with a slight collision will be detached from the glass body, resulting in glass cracking; Sometimes there is no collision, but because of the temperature change, the sand will also detach from the glass body, causing the glass to burst automatically.
2. The thickness should be consistent: that is, the distribution of glass materials at all parts of the cup should be symmetrical. When selecting, observe the light of the drinking equipment. If the light sense is consistent and integrated, the thickness is consistent. If there is too much difference between light and dark, the thickness is not consistent. When selecting, from the outside side, the bottom should be horizontal, not sloping or pot bottom. Flick the walls with your fingers and make a pleasant sound.
3. Beautiful appearance: namely, smooth surface; The cup has a good gloss. Geometric shape smooth; The lid should not be too loose or too tight. The shape of teapot and teacup should be coordinated.
Double glass
Double glasses are glittering and translucent, not easy to iron, easy to clean, no tea stains, friction resistance. Set environmental protection, practical in one of high quality products.
Double glass, the biggest advantage is thermal insulation. In the middle of the two layers is a vacuum insulation layer, which can protect the water temperature of the cup body and keep it hot.
Crystal glass
Crystal cups are mostly used for drinking glasses. When judging the quality of such cups, you can start from the following points:
1. Sound: tap or flick the utensils with your fingers. The crystal glass can make a light, brittle metal sound and make a beautiful sound in the air.
2. Hand feel: gently hold a crystal goblet, you will feel a calm and heavy hand.
3. Luster: hold up a crystal cup and rotate it to the light. You will find it like a beautiful handicraft, white and transparent, reflecting the charming colorful light.
4. High hardness of crystal. Their relative hardness was measured by scientific experiments, and the crystal hardness was 7 mohs.
5. The crystal is stable and will not change color if used for a long time.
6. Different physical properties. The crystal can make a mark on the glass, otherwise it cannot.

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