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The choice of whiskey glass is very particular. What do you

Three key factors in the selection of whisky glasses
1. The edge of the cup: it is related to which part of the tongue is in contact with the liquor in the mouth, which will affect the development of taste experience.
2. Cup mouth: it can be divided into two types: internal receiving cup and open cup. The inside receive cup type: more easy to gather the aroma that liquor releases, more easy to feel the intensity of aroma and wallop, can enlarge the expression of all sorts of flavor. Open cup type: weaken the impact of aroma, more easy to feel the delicate change of aroma. The top of the glass is the most important factor to consider.
3. Cross-section size of tummy: the oxidation rate of liquor depends on the contact area between liquor and air. Oxidation speed is fast, smell and taste experience will be enhanced, whereas smell and taste experience will be softer.
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The type of whiskey glass
Glen cayne sniffs the civet
Glencairn Glass is a favorite of many scotch whisky enthusiasts. Designed for whisky's chief bartender and wine connoisseur, the glass resembles a whiskey bottle distiller and has become the standard drink for many professional events.
A slightly wider tummy can hold enough whisky to condense the aroma and release it from the rim. The diameter of the cup is slightly smaller than that of the ISO cup. The rim of the cup is not designed to be overturned or indented. Because the glass is heavy and durable, and has no bottom, it is portable and easy to clean, even in a regular dishwasher.
Application: professional smell and scotch whisky
2. Tulip cup
Tulip cup (Copita Nosing Glass) brain-based, cup edge to a very thin and has a subtle radian, would be tantamount to ISO standard Glass or traditional Shirley Glass premium, professional and standardized, and durable, small side place special processing can let drinkers while wen xiang, nasal cavity from volatile stimulus from high levels of alcohol.
The advantage of tulip cup lies in its good effect of aroma condensation, which can fully display the beautiful aroma of wine when smelling. At the same time, the micro outside open at the top, can let the delicate fragrance waft out wine, can give something back to the drinker more meticulous and have administrative levels feeling of the flavor, suitable for brandy, whisky, and need to show good aroma of alcohol use.
Tulip cup is suitable for all kinds of professional occasions, especially for whisky with strong body, such as parallel tasting of single malt whisky.
Application: pure drink; A fine, heavy - bodied whisky, such as a single malt whisky
3. Classic cup
The Old Fashioned Glass, Rock Glass and Tumbler Glass have many other names.
When drinking whisky, classical cup seems to be a perfect choice, although it can't bring to wen xiang, affect the diversity and richness of aroma, detracts from the structure and performance of aroma. A classic glass is perfect for people who are used to drinking whisky on the rocks because you don't have to worry about it being knocked over.
Application: whisky on the rocks
4, ISO cup
The ISO cup, known as the international standard cup, is a special competition cup in the liquor competition. The ISO cup has strict rules on the size, including 155mm height of the foot, 65mm diameter at the widest point of the cup body, and 46mm diameter at the top of the cup body. Pour the wine into the widest part of the abdomen of the cup body, just about 50ml.
The ISO cup has a good aroma collection effect, does not highlight any characteristics of the wine, and appropriately represents the original appearance of the wine.
Application: professional blind whisky
5. Pure cup
Neat Glass product designer and wine aficionado, George o 'reilly, is a designer of Neat Glass products. George f. Manska's homemade and blown glass has a place among bourbon buffs. The cup for the traditional spittoon, flattened, base wine belly round, side open big and exaggeration, can reduce the alcohol stimulation of whisky, makes a strong full-bodied aroma release in the cup, especially suitable for rare or old whisky.
The pure glass is also a vivid illustration of bourbon's sweet aromas, such as toffee, coconut, flowers, honey and nuts. In addition, the pure cup can also be used to drink brandy, rum, tequila and other spirits, it can be regarded as a universal cup.
Application: rare or old whisky, bourbon
6. Golf cup or corinthians cup
Highball glass (Highball glass) or can be linse cup (Collins glass) are all straight appearance, just slightly different capacity Highball glass capacity of 8-10 ounces is approximately equal to 28.35 ml (1 ounce) and cup capacity is usually 12 oz can.
The highball and corinthians cups are larger than the classical ones, and are intended for mixing whiskey with water or for making cocktails based on whiskey.
Application: whisky cocktail or whisky soda.

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