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What double glass is a double double glass?

What is a double decker glass
There are many kinds of glass, which are usually divided into single glass, double glass, crystal glass, glass office cup and glass cup. Double layer glass, as the name suggests, is a glass that is divided into two layers when it is made, and it can play the role of heat insulation and scalding when used. Its raw material is high borosilicate glass, food grade food grade glass, after more than 600 degrees of high temperature made, usually by high borosilicate glass tube, the size and size of the tube through the mechanic under the sealing machine.
Is it insulated by a double glass?
The double double glass is mainly heat insulation and heat insulation. Ice can also be saved. Many glass manufacturers have double ice bucket. The vacuum double cup is usually made by hand. The interlayer of the middle is not a vacuum at all. There is a hole in the bottom of the cup, so that the gas is discharged during the blowing process to prevent the cup from deforming and cracking. After the production is finished, seal the hole. There is gas in the middle. If it is a vacuum, it will produce a loud noise after the glass is broken, and it will blow away glass fragments and easily hurt people.
The characteristics of a double double glass
1. Material: the cup body is made of high quality borosilicate crystal glass tube. It has high transparency, wear-resistant, smooth surface, easy cleaning, health and hygiene.
2, structure: double insulation design of cup body, not only keeps the temperature of tea soup, but also does not burn, and is more convenient to drink.
3, process: fired by more than 600 degree high temperature, strong adaptability to temperature change and not easy to burst.
4, health: food grade standard, can hold 100 degrees high temperature hot water, tea, carbonic acid, fruit acid and other drinks, anti malic acid erosion, no smell, no smell;
5. Leak proof: the inner cover and the sealing ring of the cup cover meet the medical level safety standards, and effectively prevent leakage.
6, suitable for drinking tea: green tea, black tea, Puer tea, flower tea, craft flower tea, fruit tea and so on.
What are the main functions of a double decker glass
Double layer products will be sealed down when you buy them. The opening of a double pot is usually under the pot. The double deck glass solves this problem by using a double layer structure, reduces the thermal conductivity of the cup, and improves the thermal insulation effect of the glass at the same time, at the same time, the two is all beautiful. In addition to humanized design, double glass has good aesthetic value. Transparent texture combined with double layer structure will almost make tea drinking water sublimate into a dynamic artistic behavior.
In addition, the double double glass cup of tea, the bright color of the tea, the tender and soft tea, the tea in the whole process of the whole process of the process of wearing, the leaves gradually spread, through this unique cup, to bring a very taste of the user with a very good visual enjoyment. The double decker glass is bright, with clear cup, exquisitely carved, beautiful and practical. It is a new gift.
The difference between a double glass and a single glass
A simple sentence is: double glazing, the two glass is vacuum in the middle, it can heat insulation and keep hot. Single glass has no intermediate vacuum layer, and the heat emission is faster. Hot water will feel hot.
Heat preservation time after covering: double glass "single glass.
Suggestion: if you prefer warm water and cold water cups, you can use a single layer of glass.
If the above conditions are not available, it is recommended to use double glass. Prevent scald!

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