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Overview of China international glass industry technology ex

Sponsored by the Chinese society of silicate, Beijing silicon exhibition co., LTD., to undertake the thirtieth session of China international glass industry and technological exhibitions (hereinafter referred to as Chinese glass exhibition) is scheduled for May 22 ~ 25, 2019, held in China international glass industry technology (suzhou). The exhibition was founded in 1986 and is held in Beijing and Shanghai in turn every year. After 30 years of cultivation and development, China's glass exhibition has become internationally renowned professional exhibitions with full independent intellectual property rights, is China's most commercially in the glass industry platform for the exhibitions, technical exchange and trade negotiation, comfortably in one of the two two glass exhibition in the world. As a mainstream exhibition in the international glass industry, China glass exhibition has been regarded as an important basis for international consultation institutions to evaluate the development of the glass market.

Held in Shanghai in 2018 the 29th China glass exhibition exhibition area of more than 80000 square meters, 29 countries, 865 (253) abroad manufacturers took part in the exhibition, of more than 33515 professional visitors from 72 countries (4544) abroad to visit and purchase, negotiate trade, at the same time also held nine technical lectures, many Chinese and foreign media and web sites for the detailed report! At present, the macroscopic operating environment of glass industry presents a complex situation with multiple factors interwoven. On the one hand, as the real estate market enters the period of adjustment and the growth rate of fixed asset investment declines, the demand of glass market is weakening. , on the other hand, the government has published a series of steady growth in the "stimulus" measures, to affordable housing, affordable housing support areas, turn shantytowns into new housing areas and implemented new urbanization planning, constantly release new market needs, will stimulate the glass market of endogenous power and vitality. In line with industrial upgrading and structural adjustment, energy-saving and emission-reduction technologies and energy-saving glass products will be vigorously supported and popularized by the policy! In the number of exhibitors, exhibition area, internationalization and informatization, etc than previous level, for China's glass industry transformation and upgrading and structural adjustment provides exchanges the platform, for the domestic and foreign manufacturers of glass trade and cooperation to provide good business opportunities, to new look to meet the global glass fraternity party once again.

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