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The 29th China glass exhibition ended successfully

29th China international glass industry technology exhibition in April 22, 2018 in Shanghai new international expo center, the exhibition organized by the Chinese society of silicate, Beijing exhibition co., LTD., to undertake, silicon extension within four days received from all over the world
Of the 33,515 professional viewers in 72 countries, 28,971 were domestic and 4,544 were foreign. During the exhibition, I also received a professional audience group organized by foreign relevant industrial organizations including Korea, India, Vietnam and Japan.
29th China glass show as 2018 annual global glass industry's most influential industry event, show area of 80500 square meters, gathered from 865 companies in 29 countries and areas of the world, including domestic manufacturers, 612, 253 foreign manufacturers. Dozens of manufacturers from Israel, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and 11 other countries along the "One Belt And One Road" line were present at the exhibition. 24 foreign manufacturers, including Karl Zeiss, schneider and rhein technologies, participated in the exhibition for the first time, which reflects the importance foreign manufacturers attach to China's glass industry and the international influence of China's glass exhibition. Many foreign government agencies and relevant industry associations, including: German federal economic department of energy (doe), the German federation of machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, the Italian government foreign trade council, Italy glass processing machinery and accessories manufacturers association organized a total of more than 80 domestic manufacturers in Germany pavilion, pavilion, Italy, the United States pavilion in China in the form of glass to compete on the show.
The 29th China glass exhibition includes the world glass industry mainstream manufacturers. The exhibition in E1, E2 and E3 hall assembled in Italy, Germany, the United States pavilion and numerous global line manufacturers in glass industry, as well as the domestic equipment manufacturers of glass production and large-scale comprehensive glass; E4, E5 and E6 pavilions are manufacturers of glass production and deep processing equipment. E7 hall is a small and medium-sized enterprise exhibition area, focusing on abrasive tools, decorative glass, abrasive, auxiliary materials, hardware and other fields. Exhibitors in both the international famous multinational and domestic large-scale manufacturing enterprises, production process and equipment is more a large number of emerging professional small and medium-sized enterprises has been China's glass exhibition, reveals its own technical strength and the level of processing and manufacturing.
China building materials federation President Joe fong kuo, silicate society of Xu Yongmo, honorary President of the Chinese society of silicate artificial, China building glass and industrial glass association chairman guo-qing Chen, China Daily, chairman of the association of glass Meng Lingyan, international engineering group co., LTD., chairman of the China building materials Peng Shou, vice President and secretary-general of China silicate JinZhanPing, as well as Italy, Germany, the United States, head of the relevant institutions and guests at home and abroad to visit the glass industry event.
The exhibition on display contents include the glass production fields, including a wide variety of glass products and applications, glass manufacturing process technology and equipment, processing technology and equipment, glass raw materials and refractory, etc., and intelligent, low energy consumption, "the new glass" related new technology and products become the hot topic of many professional visitors stop. The exhibition on new products, new technologies, the dizzying, several well-known brands at home and abroad to choose the glass exhibition in China started its latest products and achievements in the field of glass production, including: building materials (parts) of glass in the launch of curtain wall system, li sai g company launched four glass three cavity insulating glass production line, the best super launch of the latest B 'CHAMP WS cars and ultra-thin glass processing equipment, etc.
As an important display platform for the global glass industry, China glass exhibition has always paid attention to meeting the hot demand of the industry and paying attention to the development direction of the industry. Extension in a series of technical seminars and manufacturer's promotional activities, topics include high resistance to high temperature heat insulation material, infrared radiation energy saving coatings, intelligent "cloud" and the application of industrial robots in glass production process, the furnace energy saving technology, glass printing water-based printing ink application, high precision coating glass on-line measurement and control technology, etc.
As one of the two major professional exhibitions in the global glass industry, China glass exhibition has become the most influential glass industry technology exhibition and exchange platform. China glass show positive response during the period of "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" dissolve excess production capacity, to speed up the supply side of structural reform policy, various power glass industry trade and technological exchanges, to help manufacturers at home and abroad market development, for the glass industry manufacturers to provide the best brand exhibition, technology exchange and trade negotiation platform.
The 30th China glass exhibition will be moved to Beijing China international exhibition center (new hall) on May 22, 2019, looking forward to meeting you again in Beijing.

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