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Glass master wu kwanliang: promote cross-strait exchange and

Wu kuangliang, 64, is the director general of the Taiwan craft development association and enjoys international fame. Wu guangliang, who has been engaged in the research and development of glass technology for a long time, heard about the sand river, China's glass city in Taiwan, and has been closely linked with the sand river glass ever since. From manual to art master craftsmen, Wu Kuan bright in the tradition of coloured glaze fine craftsmen skills and the spirit of the bear hardships and stand hard work, more than 30 years of time, he works in the long-term practice, constantly explore the new technology and new technology of coloured glaze production, formed its own unique style of coloured glaze making skill and artistic creation, coloured glaze work very high aesthetic value. Wu Kuan bright say, design is a the accumulation of experience, with the change of time, the social demand and the demand for home decoration, his design style also in slowly change, so far has been moving direction to the decoration art, sightseeing, and some research and development of new products. In October 2016, as the integration model of production and education institute of modern glass by zhuhai and jointly founded in hebei vocational and technical institute building materials, light as the visiting professor of institute of modern glass Wu Kuan, higher vocational students in the class, regularly to teach glass craft, of light and shahe glass Wu Kuan "affair" deep again together.
Wu kuangliang said that the reason for the cooperation with shahe modern glass college is to pass on the experience of more than 30 years to those who are fond of learning. I also hope I can make good use of myself here as a vocational teacher. 35 years of coloured glaze life, make the Wu Kuan bright deeply in love with this art, he will be the favorite career continue, will also with shahe glass of this love continue, the colored glaze process forward.

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